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Paddle & Camp

What an amazing feeling to pack all your goodies on top of the paddleboard and set out for the night!

Brown County 🍂 has so many hidden gems. In order to explore sometimes we have to step outside the box..... or step ONTO the board in our case. My friend Angie

and I gathered up our gear to set out on our first paddleboard - camp 🏕ī¸ adventure last week.

We've been scoping out bank side campsites in the back waters of Lake Monroe. This access ramp is off of Crooked Creek Road. Give me a holler if you want to tag along sometime, I am ALWAYS down for a tour.

We were lucky 🍀 enough to watch early morning beavers đŸĻĢ, many blue herons, cormorants, a few green herons and great egrets. Catching the sunset 🌅 & sunrise.

All while floating around on the

Lotus đŸĒˇ inflatable paddleboard.

Sunset Paddle
Shoreline View

Simply Fitness hosts many opportunities for exploration surrounding nature and moving our bodies. Where do you want to go next?


Erica ✌🏾

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