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alternative way to exercise

Not many people realize...

But think how MAYBE - long gone are the days of the gym or jogging being our only way of exercising. Or painful situations being the one and only way to get fit. Finally... Exercise CAN be fun.

No, it’s not an exaggeration. You will feel like when you played as a kid!

Having fun and doing exercise, both at the same time. Try an alternative way to exercise - paddleboarding.

It not only improves muscles and actions that are used in everyday tasks, like joint strengthening and balance, you can also choose your level of difficulty.

You can stand up, but you can also kneel or sit down. All equally fun.

You can even practice Yoga on boards.

And if you fall (Which can happen.) you are gently greeted by the water.

Some people have even told me they like falling as much as paddling! But that’s up to you...

So…..Why not sign up for a session and see if you discover a new passion?

Want to learn more?

Peace :)


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