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Looking for a place to paddle in Brown County Indiana?

Simply Fitness can take you there. These are fantastic spots even if you’ve never been on a paddleboard, tried a few times or maybe you on your own paddleboard!

Shhhh my hidden gems within our area have less people (Kind of want to keep it that way)! You will have to reach out to me personally for the list! Send me a chat via the website asking for those hotspots.


Meanwhile take a gander at this:

Glide SUP has created a paddling list for the whole state of Indiana. Make sure you keep scrolling till the end. Checking out a great model!


FIVE reasons to explore a paddleboard session with Simply Fitness:

* It's good for mental health

* It's a moving meditation

* It's easier than you think

* It's an excellent workout

* It's accessible

Make sure you are on my email list to receive updates come paddle season next spring.

If you are considering purchasing a board click here:



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