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My reading Goal 🥅 in 2023 was 50 books 📚 - real life I hit 37 books ! Less than last year - but stay tuned for my 1000 plus hours outside

Blog! (Helpful hints to achieve!)

“Books’ll learn ya”

  • The Book Woman’s Daughter

Here is the list - I still have a few of these laying around if you want to borrow :)

January  5

Hoot - Carl Hiassen

Of Mice & Men

The successful presenter

It Works

Three Women

February  3

Know my name - Channel Miller

Love Does - Bob Goss

Idiot - Laura Clearly

March  3

Black like me - John Griffin

(started book in February)

Half Broke Horses - Jeanette Walls

Stone Maidens -Lloyd Richards

April  4

4000 Weeks - Oliver Burke ( started in March )

Brown County Prose & Poetry

  - Art Wolpert

Hang the Moon - Jeanette Walls

Stranger in the woods

May 3

Built to move - Kelly Starlett

I have something to tell you - Chasten Buttigieg

The Hawks Way - Sy Montgomery

June 3

The book of Charlie - David Von Drehle

7 spiritual laws of yoga- Deepak Chopra

Like streams to the ocean - Jedediah Jenkins

July  2

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

•Nick Offerman

The gospel of Nature

•John Burroughs

August 2

Demon Cooperhead (started in July)

•Barbara Kingsolver


•Gordon Korman

September 3

Indiana •Alexander Dean

Graceland • Margaret Renkl

Brown County Prose & Poetry

  •Art Wolpert

October 4

The book woman’s daughter

(Started in September)

•Kim Michelle Richardson

The boy who harnessed the wind

  • William Kamkwamba (started in a July)

The Lost Soul Companion

  • Susan Brackney

A walk for Sunshine

  • Jeff Alt

November 3

All you can ever know  •Nicole Chung

The Salt Path •Raynor Winn

Claiming Ground •Laura Bell

December 2

Liar’s Bench•Kim Michelle Richardson

The Wild Silence • Raynor Winn


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