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42 books…..

Books 📕 Read 2022

My goal was 2 a month!!! Next year will be 50 or more in totality!!!

January 2

Glass Castle


February 4

A Long Way Gone

Little acts of kindness

Balanced and Barefoot (started Jan)

This is your mind on plants ebook

March 4

Braving the Wilderness ebook

Wildpreneur  ( started in 21)

The Alchemist ebook

Somebody’s Daughter

April 4

The greatest salesman

Grandma Gatewood

A short guide to a happy life

A girl in the woods ebook

May 3

River of Time

My friend Anna -started April

Why Fish don’t exist ebook

June 2

Brave Enough

Signs - Lauren Lynn Jackson ebook

July 3

Woods woman II (started in June)

I Am I Am I Am  ebook

Gorge - Kara Whitley

August 3

You’ll Never a find us


Warrior of the light ebook

September 3

The adventurer’s son

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and Horse

Atomic Habits ebook

October  6

Verity ebook

Silver Star

Need S’More Time

To Shake the Sleeping Self ebook

Wolfpack e book

Tasha a Sons Memoir

November 4

The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks

Story Brand ( started in 2018 )

Who Moved My Cheese

The Yellow House

December 3

These silent Woods


Yosemite Murders

Nowhere for very long

42 books in 2022

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