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Recap of Paddle & Camp

What an amazing feeling to pack all your goodies on top of the paddleboard and set out for the night!

Brown County 🍂 has so many hidden gems. In order to explore sometimes we have to step outside the box..... or step ONTO the board in our case. My friend Angie

and I gathered up our gear to set out on our first paddleboard - camp 🏕️ adventure last summer.

We'd been scoping out bank side campsites in the back waters of Lake Monroe. This access ramp is off of Crooked Creek Road. Give me a holler if you want to tag along sometime, I am ALWAYS down for a tour.

We were lucky 🍀 enough to watch early morning beavers 🦫, many blue herons, cormorants, a few green herons and great egrets. Catching the sunset 🌅 & sunrise.

All while floating around on the

Lotus 🪷 inflatable paddleboard.

Sunset Paddle
Shoreline View

Simply Fitness hosts many opportunities for exploration surrounding nature and moving our bodies. Where do you want to go next?


Erica ✌🏾

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