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Some Brown County magic smiled on my when oldest daughter and I relocated to Nashville about eight years ago, we met Erica in time to watch Simply Fitness be born. Whether it is creating space inside with a mix of sacred and utilitarian energy or getting souls into the Yellowwood, any class with Erica is fulfilling. The way she connects with other practitioners and works to offer affordable options is absolutely wonderful and actually opened life saving gateways for me.

I have only recently returned to her classes with any regularity but COVIDs shift to virtual luckily took away some of my excuses, and sunrise yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been transformative. Just thirty minutes. Just twenty one dollars a month. But having a somehow authoritative and gentle voice (not sure how she does that:)) echo through your mind? PRICELESS.


She reminds you mid pose. She invites you after transitions. She stresses that your practice is your own, never push, never harm-and proactively seeks aids and props to support the body’s journey. It really impresses me and that simple “Breathe” has swam back through my mind in challenging moments and it connects to posture for me because I also associate Erica with “unhunching” dropping shoulders and carrying myself rather than some automatic hunches and tensions that I wear more often. I am a dog groomer at Delilah’s in Bloomington Indiana, and would like to be for a long time and without regularly incorporating a practice like daily yoga Master Stylists guarantee physical issues due to the strange positions we just need to be in sometimes. I am incredibly grateful for Simply Fitness’s services. I recently had the opportunity to stand in the Rocky Mountains, and I struggle to be present at times. Erica’s voice saying “Breathe” allowed me to stay right there in the sky and experience healing. Everybody needs Sunrise Yoga!!!!!

Thank you so much for everything ❤️

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