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Green Sullivan St Forest

Take a scroll through the last couple days ….

and I took a two night trip to explore more of this area. We traveled through here in 22 knowing that we couldn’t wait to get back to explore more of the lakes.

YES - that’s Angie ‘s air mattress on top of my car. One of the bonuses of car camping.

Located in Linton, Indiana Green Sullivan hosts primitive campgrounds with additional campsites with small cabins.

Nearby Goose Pond is an amazing wetland bird lovers paradise. The visitors center never disappoints no matter what the season. Hosting events, animal headcounts and controlled hunting.

Both properties also have options of hiking trails and driving tours. With a slew of lakes in the Dugger unit for more water activities.

Read more about all of these properties to find out about the creation of these waterways through old mining grounds. Very interesting.

Want to learn more?

Peace :)


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