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Favorite Things

Here are a few items that we regular paddlers enjoy ….

Think backup/or extra gear! The more often you paddle the more you realize the desire for assorted gadgets and gear. Make notes as you go along, write lists etc.

Below are two important items that I have purchased more than once. The smaller fin is new to me, I’m getting adjusted. It will be great in dryer weather when the water levels are not as high. Allowing you to maneuver through the water easier.

Back up fin screws are just a no-brainer. Don’t be stuck without extras.

Shorter fin for lower water levels

Fin Pins & screw              

Have questions about different gear or products? Let me know - I probably have a link for that :)

Ps….. don’t forget to research the Glide boards.

Want to learn more?

Peace :)


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