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Dirt Darlin' (Emily Stewart)

When did you start attending Simply Fitness classes?

~ I started SIMPLY FITNESS classes about six years ago, was very interested in yoga and the utilization of essential oil‘s.

Favorite Yoga pose?

~ I’ve always been challenged when it comes to yoga because I am a heavy lifter, so a lot of the poses are super beneficial to my shoulder mobility my hip mobility and overall flexibility. But my most favorite yoga pose would have to be pigeon!

Fun Fact about you?

~ Fun fact about me is I am a multi - business owner! I own a brand called Dirt Darlin. I grew up on a farm and that is where the name streams from! At Dirt Darlin we have different divisions - the pantry, house cleaning, photography, and business coaching. P. S This is a baby bump in photo.....BABY ON BOARD!

Greatest aspect of Simply Fitness?

~ The greatest aspect of SIMPLY FITNESS definitely has to be The Vibe and feeling of Brown County and nature! Erica does such a great job at incorporating nature into her practices!!

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