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Kiley Walters

Client Spotlight

When did you start attending Simply Fitness classes?

I think I started private lessons fall 2019.

Favorite Yoga pose?

Mountain pose with my eyes to the skies. Also corpse pose after a hard workout.

Fun Fact about you?

I've always wanted to be a country girl on a farm. We bought 5 acres and became bee "farmers." Not quite what I had in mind but oddly changed my life for the better. Now I love doing events to sell honey and other bee products. (Find Walters Honey on Facebook and Instagram)

Greatest aspect of Simply Fitness?

There's no judgment. Even when I took a long time off and had to start at the basics when I came back. Also, when I find something difficult and tell her I hate her she says, "I can take it". Lol I love Erica! Oh and she has the perfect voice for yoga and cool downs. She's very knowledgeable and works at your level.

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Melissa Yount
Melissa Yount

Definitely need to get some of your honey products!!

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