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Here is Jeanne May

•Client spotlight•

Jeanne May

When did you start attending Simply Fitness classes?

  • I started the winter of 2019. I had never done yoga and had heard so many positive things about Erica and Simply Fitness.

Favorite Yoga pose?

  • Downward dog. I always love the full stretch that I get from it.

Fun Fact about you?

  • I can do American Sign Language alphabet with both hands.

Greatest aspect of Simply Fitness?

  • Erica. She creates a safe and welcoming environment. I was intimidated to try yoga. I have found her classes and approach to be so warm and supportive. I found a lot of healing from the classes and even met friends there. It’s not just a fitness company. It’s a community. I would recommend any of the services that SF provides.

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1 Comment

Melissa Yount
Melissa Yount
May 10, 2021

You are such at Bright light when you are at the classes I attend love seeing you

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