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Car Camping

Have you ever been car camping?

Most of you have seen my photos of backpacking. Bringing everything you need and carrying on your back. Think tent, sleeping bags, food, toiletries etc.

Car Camping is what most of us remember as traditional trips as kids/scouts etc. Folks might even call it Glamping.(Glamorous Camping) Here’s a few clips from my most recent car/tiny wooden cabin trip.

Green Sullivan State Forest in Western Indiana hosts three campgrounds. We chose this one to avoid using tents and sleep on wooden platforms instead. I did bring an inflatable mattress. $19

For you paddlers …..This place is like Disney World. Cabins are $40 a night with a max of five people. Equipped with air conditioning/heater, dining table and exterior porch swing.

Coffee with a portable camping stove approximately nine dollars on Amazon, mess kits for around $20. French Press from home sweet home.

Breakfast with a Coleman camp stove $50 on Prime day.

We enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, cloudy weather and lightning storm shows….

Later this month I’m headed to the UP for a six night backpacking trip along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Stay tuned….

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