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Annie the Impaler

When did you start at Simply Fitness?

The fall of 2017......

Favorite Poses ?

Supported fish pose, shoulder thread the needle & pigeon. (Also one of Erica's favs!)

Fun Fact about me:

I live on a farm, love being in the woods. I have a house full of big wild men including my husband and two children. We have a dog, three cats, chickens and ducks. In addition to taking classes at Simply Fitness I also enjoy teaching yoga with Erica and traveling. Lastly, I own my own business Crystal Moon Body Arts, where I do body piercing, sell crystals, teach virtual yoga classes and offer in person Reiki sessions.

The BEST part of Simply Fitness

The services are accessible to people of all skill levels and all lifestyles. People who are very physically fit and are looking for a more intense workout can find things to fit their needs. People who are more sedentary and who have never taken a fitness class before can also feel comfortable in a class with Simply Fitness. Everyone is made to feel very welcome and the environment is very friendly. There is no judgment and everyone is treated equally regardless of their fitness level.

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Melissa Yount
Melissa Yount
10 may 2021

Love to meet your animals!! I have a little farm too. 2 dogs, 4 cats, 4 chickens, and 8 Nigerian dwarf goats 😊

Me gusta
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