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All Around Teacher Holly

When did you start attending Simply Fitness classes?
- I believe it was synchronicity that brought me to Simply Fitness in the summer of 2021. I mentioned to my dental hygienist in Bloomington that I had just learned to paddle board in the ocean and that my next bucket list item was to do paddle board yoga. Being from Brown County, she knew Erica and directed me to Simply Fitness. Erica led a great intro to SUP yoga, and I was hooked! Favorite Yoga pose?
- I love to experience all the poses, but I think if I had to choose my favorite twist, it would be thread the needle or high lunge with a twist. My favorite balancing pose is tree pose or eagle. See, it is fruitless for me to choose! Fun Fact about you?
- My favorite fun fact I like to share is that I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I taught women’s self defense in Mexico, and that experience ultimately led me to my current job of teaching English as a New Language. Greatest aspect of Simply Fitness?
- I think that one of the greatest aspects of Simply Fitness is Erica herself. She has so much to offer through her business. From yoga, to paddle board, to strength training, to business mentorship, she does it all! If she doesn’t know something or offer something you need, she knows someone who does. I love that our small town has Simply Fitness and all the opportunities that Erica provides.

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