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Angela Jackson - paddle partner extraordinaire!

When did you start attending Simply Fitness classes?

I followed Erica – Simply Fitness on Instagram when I moved here. I was looking for a local yoga studio and wanted to get acquainted with the fitness world in Nashville.

Favorite Yoga pose:

My favorite yoga pose would be pigeon or three legged dog to open up my tight hips.

Fun Fact about you?

I wish I was a mermaid. And that they were real :)

Greatest aspect of Simply Fitness?

Erica is wonderful at giving yoga cues, reminding you breath, and encouraging clients to only do what your body feels it can do during the practice. She also is a skillful paddleboard guide who enjoys educating and telling stories about the nature she and others have encountered while on the lake. I know she cares deeply about her clients as she strives to support them at setting goals, developing a healthy way of life and maintaining good habits. Erica not only encourages her clients but she also demonstrates her fitness passion through maintaining an active balanced lifestyle.

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